Convention Policies

Languages Policies

G-Anime is a billingual festival. However, certain activities canot be presented in both official languages. Therefore, we have found a compromise, which is why we will present our objectives and operating rules.

Staff and volunteer

Our language policy has an impact on the choice of G-Anime staff and their assignments. We can not, and do not want to, deviate from this basic principle which helps to ensure quality of service and experience at the convention for everyone.

Members of staff and volunteers required to be billingual:
- Members in positions of authority or the supervision of others;
- Registration staff who have contact with attendees;
- Security members that will ensure the order and welfare of attendees;
- All volunteers in customer service positions;

Members of staff and volunteers not required to be billingual:
- All staff that does not have the responsibility of interacting with the public or speaking a clear language;
- Panelists or activity hosts (unless the panel or activity itself is bilingual).

Merchant room and Game room


Merchants an artists must respect the 101 law, requiring a billingual signage;

However, they are not required to be billingual.


In terms of language, the gaming room is less subject to the rules of other programming rooms. In short, all staff that oversees the operation of the gaming room must be bilingual. Events and demonstrations will also be bilingual (However, we understand that not all participants will be bilingual)


Policies and Rules

These policies apply at all time. Failure to comply will result in a warning and possibly expulsion of the Convention floor.

Code of Conduct

• Attendees must follow all listed policies while at the convention.

• Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult (aged 18 years or older).

• Con-goers must abide by the directions given by members of the SAJG , security, and volunteers.


• For security reasons, NO GLOMPING will be tolerated

• Any physical contact is allowed only with the consent of all parties involved

• No behaviour that may cause physical injury or moral prejudice will be tolerated

• Good hygiene is mandatory.


All attendees must have photo identification available
and presented on request to the convention staff.

The convention badge must be visible at all times and
presented on demand to members of the SAJG or
security personnel.

In the event of a loss of the badge, please contact a
member of the SAJG as soon as possible and present
yourself at the registration desk to obtain a replacement
badge. Your new badge will not have the same privileges
as the previous one (e.g. approbation by the Weapons

Any found badges must be brought to the info desk or to
a member of the SAJG.

No reimbursement will be issued (with the exception of
volunteers, under the terms of the Volunteer Policy).

Photography and Video Policy

• Photography / videography is allowed in common areas (unrestricted) with the exception of screening rooms and the exhibition hall (unless permission is given by the dealer).

• Any photography / videography for commercial purposes is prohibited without the express consent of the SAJG

• Any person wishing to take photos for personal use (including Flickr, Facebook, etc.) must have the consent of the person being photographed

• Any audio recordings, photos or videos of a G-Anime event must be identified as such

• For the security of the participants, NO FLASH DURING THE MASCARADE

• These rules apply to all attendees

Palais des congrès Policy

• No outside food or drinks are permitted on convention grounds. Water fountains will be available for public use.

• Smoking of any kind is prohibited in all public areas in Quebec (Section 2 of the Tobacco Act).

Sales and Solicitations

No sales or solicitation for goods or services is permitted on the convention grounds without the authorization of the SAJG.

Violators will be expelled from the convention.

Volunteer Policy

• Purchase of a badge is mandatory to have access to
the convention. Reimbursement will be completed
after the fulfillment of your Volunteer duties. In some
cases, the SAJG will allow exceptions.

• You must have your hours verified by the designated
person in charge. No verification means no

• Always report and sign-in at the volunteer table before
you start or shift and report in once your shift is over.

The following customer services apply:

- All attendees are considered customers;
- Address others in a polite and formal manner;
- Communicate in the attedee’s preferred language.

Weapons and Accessories Policy

For the safety of all con-goers, the following restrictions apply to weapons and bulky equipment. All con-goers must abide by this policy and comply with it at all times.
A “weapon” is any object that may be used for attack or defense or a replica of such an object.

An “accessory” is any object that is associated with a costume but is not an essential part of it (e.g. anything that limits movement and/or vision). When in doubt, submit the weapon or accessory for inspection to the Weapons Master.

Security staff and members of the Organizing Committee reserve the right to inspect weapons, labels and markings on badges at all times.

If there is any sign of tampering, Weapons Masters will confirm the authenticity of labels and markings.

Weapons and accessories approval process

Before you wander around the convention grounds with your weapon or accessory, you must have it checked in person by one of the G-Anime Weapons Masters, who will mark it appropriately thus showing it has been approved.

Any and all additional weapons and accessories must also be verified before being allowed on site even if the con-goer has already successfully submitted other weapons or accessories for inspection.

Any weapon or accessory is to be associated with a specific person that will be responsible for it at all times. This person may not lend his/her weapons or accessories to anyone.

Approvals and rejections

Si l’arme ou l’accessoire est approuvé, il sera étiqueté et l’insigne du festivalier sera identifié en conséquence.

Si l’arme ou l’accessoire est rejeté, le festivalier doit immédiatement l’apporter hors du site du festival et l’entreposer dans un endroit approprié (p. ex. : chambre
d’hôtel ou voiture), ou le laisser auprès des maîtres d’armes.

Veuillez noter que les maîtres d’armes ne sont pas responsables de l’arme ou de l’accessoire laissé en dépôt et qu’il incombe au festivalier de venir le chercher. Toute arme ou tout accessoire qui est encore à la vérification des armes le dimanche à la fermeture du festival devient la propriété de la SAJG après la période légale de six mois.

If a weapon or accessory is allowed, it will be labelled and the badge of the con-goer will be marked accordingly.

If a weapon or accessory is not allowed, the con-goer must either remove it from convention grounds immediately and store it in a suitable location (e.g. car, hotel room, etc.) or leave it with the Weapons Master until they depart or the convention is over for the day.

Please note that the Weapons Masters are not responsible for weapons and accessories left with them. Con-goers are responsible for the retrieval of their property. Any weapon or accessory still at Weapons Inspection by the end of the convention on Sunday will become the property of SAJG after the statutory period of six months.


The following weapons and accessories are prohibited and may be confiscated:

• Real firearms, in working condition or not.
• Metal weapons, with sharp edges or not.
• All projectiles. Weapon or accessories resembling a projectile weapon may be permitted at the discretion of a Weapons Master. Generally, it is advisable that these weapons be made permanently inoperational.
• All weapons used for law enforcement such as mace, stun guns, or batons (foam replicas are allowed).
• All weapons or accessories over 8 feet in length. Heavy or bulky accessories may be permitted at the discretion of the Weapons Master.
• Laser pointers.
• Any weapon or accessory considered dangerous by the Weapons Master.

Weapons prohibited under Canadian Law*

- Replicas of contemporary firearms (i.e. from the American Civil War to the present day);
- Nunchaku, shuriken, and all restricted martial arts weapons (foam models of these weapons are allowed);
- Automatic knives such as flick knives, butterfly knives or knives with a blade that opens automatically by centrifugal force;
- Blowguns;
- Brass knuckles.

*This list includes only a few examples.

For more information or a complete list, please check section 84 of the Criminal Code of Canada at page-3.html#codese:84)

Exemptions and exceptions

Please note that it is possible to be exempted from the application of this policy, but only for the Masquerade. To get such an exemption, participants must submit such a request to the Masquerade Director AND the Chief Weapons Master before Masquerade registration closes.

Non-compliance and penalties

Failing to comply with one or more of the above rules may immediately result in the following penalties:

• Loss of privilege to carry a weapon or accessory;
• Expulsion from the convention without refund;
• In extreme cases, criminal charges may be brought to the offending party.

Any decision made by the Weapons Masters or by members of the Organizing Committee is final and will be enforced to ensure the peace of mind and the safety of individuals on the convention grounds.

In case of disagreement, SAJG members ALWAYS have the last word.