Discover everything G-Anime has to offer on its 13th edition!

Great times and great memories awaits you during the weekend. Below, you can get a preview of a few of the events & activities that we have to offer – follow the links to find out more!

For a complete schedule, follow the link below to access our schedule. Please note the schedule is always subject to change!

Events, Guests, Activities & Panels

Several special events and shows will be presented throughout the weekend: Mascarade, music shows, karaoké, contest, fan-favourite activites, special events with guests and more. These are what carried a good convention to a memorable one! G-Anime offers quite the schedule! Come around to experience it all!


Straight out of your wildest dreams and exclusively found at G-Anime!

At G-Anime, we know that guests are always a source of excitement and interest. This is why we’re always looking for guests who can create that unique experience sought by our attendees at our convention, in the fields of dubbing, film, and art!

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Winter Masquerade 2023

The masquerade is your chance to show off your awesome cosplay! Dazzle our judges and the audience with the hard work you've put into bringing your favorite character or original design to life. Both on-stage and workmanship judging are available. You can participate as a group or individual, as a walk-on, or performing a short skit.

If you would like to attend the masquerade as an audience member and check out all the fantastic costumes, please pick-up a wristband from the Information Desk. Wristbands are free, but come in a limited supply!

If you would like to participate, follow the link below.

Screening Rooms

Japanese animation is at the origin of anime conventions. G-Anime is committed to presenting a selection of quality anime, with french dubbed and subtitled anime. You will definitely find something that will entertain (and maybe even surprise) you!

Gaming room

G-Anime is most known for its gaming room! Video games, trading card games, and tabletop games, this convention has both quantity and quality in all three categories. G-Anime boasts being one of the best gaming rooms of its kind in Quebec.

Dealers Room

Have you heard of a convention without a Dealers Room? Neither have we! We have a great selection of vendors and artists which will allow you to make some great finds.